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Upgrading and setting up the computer for recording

This week I spent two days upgrading the computer with Windows 10 and a new SSD drive. Step 1 – A new clean install of Windows 7 For a quite some time I’ve been wanting to entirely re-install my computer.

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My timeline of text editors

I’ve been coding on and off since the beginning of the 90’s and along this journey I’ve been stumbling over quite a few editors and IDE:s. In this post I will go through some of them. It’s a selection of

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Internet Explorer 6, all over again

In the period 2001-2005, Internet Explorer 6 was the most popular web browser around. Even the colourful plastic Apple Macs had their own Internet Explorer version as the default web browser. Internet Explorer 6 was introduced with the new Microsoft

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Welcome to the Engine Room blog

For quite a while I have been thinking: “Isn’t it about time to document and share all the coding challenges and programming projects you are working on?” And that resulted in this code blog which will (hopefully soon) be populated

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