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Spacefight – The game-loop – Part 6

All games contain loops of some sort. The most important loop in the game is simply called “game-loop”. This is a short example how it will run:

This is a short version of what is happening in the code.

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Spacefight – The GameObject – part 4

A lot of objects in the game has a many things in common. They contain an Animationlibrary, a position on the screen, width and height. They also got common functions like: Listen Sends any event from the user’s keyboard/mouse/joystick to

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Spacefight – A game from the ground up – part 1

About 20 years ago, I had a desire to create my own game. At that time I had some basic programming skills, but I was still very much a beginner. With no clue about how to make a game. In

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Tagging along with PHP – A journey from 1998 until today

When PHP3 popped up, it was here to stay In 1998 I began my long winding road towards becoming a web developer. I had just discovered the joy of creating and designing web sites. Showcasing for the entire world (see:

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