Month: June 2014

Spacefight – Sprites and animations – part 3

Sprites. The small animated objects are essential to a 2D game. My game will contain quite a number of sprites like enemies, bullets and of course the the player. There are different approaches how to arrange your sprites. Some developers

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Spacefight – Getting familiar with SDL – part 2

SDL 1.2 is a pretty easy library to learn. One web site I cannot more than recommend is Lazy Foo’s SDL tutorials. It’s the best starting point if you’re new to SDL. The tutorials go through a lot of important

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Spacefight – A game from the ground up – part 1

About 20 years ago, I had a desire to create my own game. At that time I had some basic programming skills, but I was still very much a beginner. With no clue about how to make a game. In

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Tagging along with PHP – A journey from 1998 until today

When PHP3 popped up, it was here to stay In 1998 I began my long winding road towards becoming a web developer. I had just discovered the joy of creating and designing web sites. Showcasing for the entire world (see:

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Welcome to the Engine Room blog

For quite a while I have been thinking: “Isn’t it about time to document and share all the coding challenges and programming projects you are working on?” And that resulted in this code blog which will (hopefully soon) be populated