Creating sprites

For those who creates sprites by plotting their own pixel graphics,  know it’s a very time consuming tasks. Before I had only been using Gimp and Photoshop to do animations. Layer by layer for each frame. It worked ok, but you wouldn’t be able to preview your animation on the fly.

That was until I stumbled upon Aseprite. This tool makes the task of creating sprites easier and more fun. You still need to draw your own animations, but the tool enables you to swich from frame to frame and work in layers.


With Aseprite you can preview your animation with different millisecond delay per frame. It also has a feature called onion skin, that shadows the previous frame.

When you have finished an animation you will be able to export the sprite to either a sprite-sheet or an image serie. Aseprite builds for Windows and Mac costs $10. But it’s still open source and available on GitHub if you want to compile it yourself (without costs). I really like these kind of tools and I gladly paid $10 to support the developers, even though I had to download and compile it myself.  You can download it from Aseprite’s web page.


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