So much to learn, so little time

320x240Recently I have been doing a lot of researching for my new game. In order to develop a larger game, I really need to acquire as much knowledge beforehand as possible and avoid the most common pitfalls. I need a clear vision about how to incorporate game states and be able to pass information between them. Gamestates running simultaneous, pausing and resuming. It’s many things that very easily can get messy extremely quick.

I am still playing around with the idea to use some interpreted script for the actual game-logic. It would make the development more rapid and lower the need to recompiling the code. So “modding” will actually build most of the game logic. It also prevents the C++ to be very “hacky”.

I imagine that I will have a level state. Which will read a tile map file. In this tilemap file it’s referenced a script. The state loads all the different objects to the “scene”, and the script code will direct everything. I also want the games to use  cut scenes and events. A super nice feature would be if a script can generate random missions.

I will continue to browse around to get more tips and knowledge about the game-engine structure. I want a very clear picture in my head before starting coding, since I don’t have the time to do major rewrites (too many times). It would naturally be a lot easier to use a “out-of-the-box” game-engine, but besvärligt är det bästa.

The link section has been updated with some knowledge resources like links to game patterns discussions, forums and misc.

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