A keyboard centric view in the browser

I’m striving to use the trackpad/mouse as little as possible. The reason is that it will take me longer to reach for the mouse when typing or browsing a website and it’s specific type of movement that can strain your wrist. For many developers and web monkeys this is quite the common knowledge. This blog post is targeted to those who would like to use the mouse and trackpad less. It is also worth mentioning that this is just a short list of  shortcuts that could be found in the browser, but I believe these are the ones I’m using the most frequently.

Here are the more general shortcuts which works in most browsers:

  • Go to the address bar (F6)
  • Reload page (CTRL+R or F5)
  • Forced reload (no cache) (SHIFT+CTRL+R)
  • Show page in fullscreen (F11)

I constantly have a number of tabs open, by default I place my most used tabs in the top left side of the browser so I can access them quickly with their number.

  • Creating a new tab (CTRL+t)
  • Closing a tab (CTRL+w)
  • Go to next tab (CTRL+PageDown)
  • Go to previous tab (CTRL+PageUp)
  • Open a previously closed tab (CTRL+SHIFT+t)
  • Go to the first tab (CTRL+1)
  • Go to NUM(1,2,3,4,5,6..) tab (CTRL+NUM)

Scrolling and navigating a page
Everyone probably knows page up / page down to scroll on a web page. But they are located in a quite unfortunate place on the keyboard, you can use as easily use the space key.

  • Scroll down a page (SPACE)
  • Scroll up a page (SHIFT+SPACE)
  • Go to top of page (HOME)
  • Go to bottom of page (END)

In most browsers you can zoom in text which comes in handy when having a presentation or if the text on the webpage is too small or too big.

  • Zoom in (CTRL + +)
  • Zoom out (CTRL + -)
  • Return to 100% (CTRL + 0)

Editing text in a WYSIWYG editor
In most rich HTML editors,  you can use the normal editing shortcuts that will save a lot of unnecessary movements.

  • Navigate in text (ARROW KEYS)
  • Selecting text (SHIFT+ARROW KEYS)
  • Make selected text bold (CTRL+b)
  • Make selected text italic (CTRL+i)
  • Jump one word forward/backward (CTRL+ARROW KEY) (can also be used when selecting CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW KEY)
  • Go to end of line (END)
  • Go to start of line (HOME)

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