Author: david

Convert a MySQL dump to SQLite3

Sometimes it’s great when you find a tiny tool that does one thing and one thing pretty good. Currently I’m doing a fair bit of back-end development in Django. I usually run with a small sqlite3 database locally instead of

A keyboard centric view in the browser

I’m striving to use the trackpad/mouse as little as possible. The reason is that it will take me longer to reach for the mouse when typing or browsing a website and it’s specific type of movement that can strain your

FFMpeg to the rescue

For web publish I needed to downsample several videos, since they were way too large to use in banners. So this post is just for me to remember what I did. I was sure this could be done by the

Recording your mistakes

Do you remeber the driving games in the end of the 90’s early 00’s. They had this fun feature of recording your driving from different angles, so you as the player could review your driving and laugh at how bad/good

Help I’m stuck in the grub console!

Last day my workstation (which runs Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya) crashed while upgrading Grub2 (the default Linux boot loader). After a hard reset it and I found myself  grub console. After rebooting twice, I realized that something had gone wrong.

Force filesystem check on a AWS EC2 (ubuntu 14.04)

I’ve recently noticed that an Amazon EC2 VPS instance spawn the message when logging in:

So here’s a recipie to solve the issue (as root), if you are in the same situation: Edit /etc/fstab and locate the line your

Help my linux server won’t reboot or halt!

In some cases it can be impossible to restart your server or just shut it down. The reasons could be many, but most times it concerns I/O blocking that could be caused by a faulty device. If you’re having the

Removing sensitive details from git history

In early stages of software development, it can sometimes be inviting to use a hard coded passwords for quick and dirty access. Later when the project has grown and has a more serious manner of handling authentication, you don’t want

Search and destroy in bash

I’ve been doing a lot of web development using the Django framework lately. I’m a big fan of Python and Django since it enables you to quickly get results and keeping the code and file arrangement structure nice and tidy.

GhostScript magic

I’m quite used to doing presentation slides in Inkscape. However there’s no proper multi page support in Inkscape. After a quick search I found a person on Stackoverflow that had the same issue. So I found out that you can