spacigSpacefight is my first attempt in creating a game in C++ and SDL. It’s a classic simple shoot ’em up game.

There are binaries for both Windows and Mac. The Mac build is fairly big since it’s been bundled with SDL and all the necessary packages. Linux people can build the game from sources with make, you’ll need libsdl-1.2 with libsdl-image, libsdl-ttf, libsdl-mixer and libphysfs and a compiler that can compile C++11.

Microsoft Windows (zipped)
Mac OSX (dmg) (Experimental Mac OSX 10.9 required)
Sources (tar.bz2)

GIT: Spacefight on bitbucket


OSDir is  wrapper to locate and create directories for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Visit OSDir’s Bitbucket page


PowerDB is my ORM tool for PHP suitable for small to medium projects. It generates objects that is used to interact with database. Check it out on Bitbucket. Or try it out here


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