Below is a collection of links to websites and other web pages I might have been mentioned in the blog.

Web development

A fairly new framework for PHP. Apart from the framework it has a big community with helpful people. Some pieces are borrowed from the Symfony 2 framework.

A custom ORM written by me. Very easy to use and structure up database models for your website. Heavily influenced by the PHP Object Generator, but uses a much more modern approach underneath with prepared statements and the possibility to do transactions.

The most popular web framework. Very easy to get started with and excellent tutorials.  What I love about the framework is the simplicity and functionality without being over engineered.

Starting a Django Project the right way
This is an excellent guide on how you set up your django project. With migrations and Git.

Game Programming Knowledge resources

Lazy Foo
Lazy Foo’s website is the best entry point for SDL programming in C++. It has a vast amount of tutorials and guides to get you started making games. Both for the old SDL 1.2 an SDL 2.0

SDL website
The official website for the game library SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer). SDL’s strength is that it support a big number of platforms.
A good reference for catching up with C++11.
This is a great website which shows different patterns and what to use them for.
A game developer forum, where you can find a lot of discussions and topics you’ve been wondering about.

Game Programming Tools

A great IDE for Linux and Windows. I frequently use this to build binaries for Windows.

A tool to compress your libraries, DLLs and executables. Saves a lot of disk space. Both for Linux and Windows

Game Content Tools
If you are looking into a free 3D animation.

Krita along with a wacom board makes it very easy to draw art, sketches, comics and prototype graphic ideas.  It’s also free.

If you are working with pixel animation this editor is really cool. It exports sprite sheets or image sequences. Mac/Win build will cost you $10 or compile it from github yourself.

A free sound editor, good for editing and recording effects.

A free to try, cheap to buy digital audio suite. If you want to compose music, record sound effects or pretty much anything with audio. Mac/Win only.


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